Obamacare Simplified

‘Obamacare’, or Affordable Healthcare Act is a landmark healthcare law signed on March 23, 2010 which aims at bringing affordable healthcare to all. This has created a lot of buzz for the past few years and directly affects you and your loved one, so read on to know more!

Tax Penalties

Before we delve into the details, let’s get the negatives out of the way. The penalties are designed to ensure everyone joins the coverage and no-one is left out. Obamacare Tax Penalties is still relevant so be sure to get some form of coverage from ACA compliant insurance providers if you do not want to get hit with this penalty.


Low income? No worries. You may be eligible for subsidies that will make the insurance whole lot affordable. How much subsidy? Up to 70% if you meet the qualifying criteria.

Special Enrollment Period

Any ‘Qualifying Life Event’ allows you to sign up for Obamacare outside Open Enrollment and ensure your application is approved in a 60-day time frame. What makes you qualified?

  • If you or a dependent loses health coverage that meets government standards.

  • If you get married, divorced, have or adopt a child, or have a death in the family.

  • If you become a U.S. citizen or national.

  • If you lose, change, or enroll in coverage because of an error committed by an officer, employee, or agent of the Exchange or the Department of Health and Human Services as determined by the Exchange.

  • If you are eligible or lose eligibility for subsidies (advance payments of the premium tax credit or cost-sharing reductions).

  • If you recently moved to a new area permanently.

  • How can you enroll?

    From Government Channels.

    You can buy insurance from licensed health insurance agents either online or offline or private insurance marketplaces like us.

    From Government Channels.

    Government run marketplaces, or ‘exchanges’ are another channel for purchasing insurances.

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