How to choose the right health plan?

Things you must consider before buying a health plan in the marketplace

Choosing a health insurance plan seems to be a tedious process. Worry no more, keep in mind the three things listed below before comparing and buying plans.

  • Insurance Categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum are the four metal categories in the plans. The quality of the care doesn’t change with categories, they only represent the cost you share with the plan.

  • Cost of Healthcare: Using medical services or not, you will need to pay monthly bills to the insurance company. And while using the services, sometimes you will have to pay-out-of-pocket. You need to consider both situations before purchasing a health plan.

  • Types of Plan and networks: HMO, PPO, POS and EPO. Some plans allow you to see any doctor or healthcare center. However, other plans leave you with limited options or may even charge for using providers outside their network.

  • Other points to keep in mind are:

  • Insurance plans vary with the providers so always check with your insurance company or state Medicaid and CHIP program and understand its key features of plan and coverage.

  • Always pay your monthly premiums to keep your health coverage. Always.

  • To find your provider, enquire with your trusted ones or research and confirm to find the provider that suites your preventive services.

  • Always make sure that you carry your insurance card, list your family health history and the list of medicine you take, also make a list of your queries to be discussed, Consider taking a person along with you in case you might need help.

  • Evaluate your experience with the provider. Always remember, you can always change your provider.

  • Once you have selected a provider, make sure you follow their instructions to the word.

  • Review your explanation of benefits and pay your medical bills. If you have any queries, contact the concerned provider, health plan, or state Medicaid or CHIP agency.

  • Find Quality, affordable health insurance today