7 ways Obamacare has been changed by Trump Administration ?

Ever since Trump took charge, Trump Administration has made few significant changes to ACA act and how the law works. Apart from canceling federal subsidy, which got a lot of press lately, here are 10 other changes made to the Obamacare. Read on to know them and how you are affected by them:

  • Sign-up period, known as open enrollment has been cut short and will end on Dec 15 as opposed to Jan 31st, the earlier deadline.

  • Money spent on publicizing and educating people on the benefits of the healthcare has been reduced by 90%.

  • Navigators, who help people understand the process better and help signup for insurance, will receive a lot less now, because of recent changes.

  • The federal government will stop paying “cost-sharing reduction” subsidies to insurance companies. To make up for the difference, people who do not qualify for subsidy will be charged a lot more.

  • When insurers get money from a customer who is signing up, they are now allowed to apply the money first to unpaid debt from the past year of premiums before they apply it to the New Year’s policy and make the person insured.

  • Changes have also been made under the ACA to insurance that is not sold on the exchange market. For example, employers who offer insurance to their employees will now have much more flexibility in whether to offer coverage for contraception.

  • The administration may allow access to “short-term plans” all year long that are exempt from many of the robust coverage requirements of Obamacare.

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