How much does health insurance cost under Obamacare?

Ezobamacare is one of the few organizations that broadly reflects consumer buying patterns and purchase prices in the self-purchased individual and family health insurance market. Ezobamacare’s Price Index reports provide insights into the large segment of the individual and family health insurance market which may not qualify for or elect to use government subsidies, and which may shop for coverage through sources other than government-run exchanges.

Below data is from a newly published Ezobamacare analysis of individual and family health insurance shopping trends for the first two months of the 2017 open enrollment period as well as a review of previously published data from Ezobamacare that looks back on individual and family health premiums and deductibles since 2014.

Average cost of Healthcare from 2016 to 2017.

  Average individual healthcare premium Average Individual Health Insurance deductible Average Family Health Insurance Premium Average Family Health Insurance Deductible.
2017 393 4328 1020 8352
2016 321 4385 833 7983
2015 286 4120 727 7760
2014 271 4164 667 7771

These figures do not include data from individual or family health insurance shoppers who have applied for government subsidies or selected subsidy-eligible plans through their state government’s health insurance exchange with the assistance of licensed agents from Ezobamacare. Information from prior years was previously published in other Ezobamacare reports using the methodologies indicated in those reports.

Individual Coverage highlights

  • Average individual premium: $393 for an individual not receiving subsidies

  • In 2013, the year before major Obamacare provisions came into effect, the average individual monthly premium was $197

  • Family coverage highlights

  • Average family premium: $1,021 for a family not receiving subsidies

  • In 2013, the year before major Obamacare provisions came into effect, the average family’s monthly premium was $426

  • Premium data for the 2014-2017 open enrollment periods reflect premiums for plans selected by Ezobamacare customers not receiving government subsidies. Government subsidies were not available prior to 2014. The health insurance plans available through Ezobamacare or chosen by Ezobamacare shoppers differ from year to year. Health insurance plans available before implementation of Obamacare typically provided a larger variety of benefits and coverage. For example, many plans sold prior to Obamacare’s implementation did not cover pre-existing medical conditions or the Affordable Care Act’s comprehensive list of 10 essential benefits, which became mandatory for all plans.

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