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PPOs? HMOs? EPOs? You have a ton of options while shopping for a Medical plan. We decrypt medical lexicons and verbiage so you get to know exactly what you are paying for, what you will be covered for, and what’s not covered in the plan.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make money?

You do not have to make any extra payments for using our services. Our service lists plans of all insurance providers, whether we receive commissions from them or not. We firmly believe our customers must receive the complete and accurate picture while selecting insurance policies.

Why not buy straight from the carrier or Healthcare.gov?

Well you can, but you will miss out on getting a complete picture on plan coverage, hidden costs, and other details. We let you compare policies side by side so you can make an informed decision. Moreover, our online shopping experience is much better and easier in comparison to Healthcare.gov and other state portals. Moreover, our exemplary customer service is well known in the industry. Feel free to see for yourself!

Are your quotes accurate?

Our quotes have been compiled from state government filings, where all health insurance providers are required to display accurate rates. As long as the filed rates are accurate, we are too!

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