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Here’s what you need to know before purchasing Dental Insurance:

How Dental Insurance Works

With a good insurance, you can lower the cost of dental care considerably. Good insurance providers have their own network of dentists who will provide you discounted rates. More importantly, the insurance pays a certain percentage of the bill, so you get to save a lot!

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Sweet, What else do I have to know?

Well, you could start with familiarizing these terms:

Annual maximum: The annual maximum amount your specific plan will cover towards your treatment.

Co-insurance: Payment you have to take out of your pocket towards treatment. Typically a percentage of the fee you received.

Co-pay: A flat fee you must pay for receiving dental service covered by insurance.

Deductible: Payment you must make before your coverage begins.

In-network: Dentists who are in contract with your dental insurance company and are typically bound to give you a discounted fee.

Premium: Monthly payment you must make for receiving dental insurance.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Most dental insurance plans may not cover the cost for treatment of pre-existing conditions. For example, replacing a tooth you had lost before you purchased the insurance, or treatments that are already in progress.

Are Cosmetic treatments covered?

Most dental insurance do not cover elective procedures that you “choose” to take. Teeth whitening, overlays, are typical examples of this. Most insurance strictly cover only dental health, not aesthetics.

Does Dental Insurance Cover braces?

Some plans do. However, you’ll pay most of the cost of this orthodontic treatment out-of-pocket.

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